5 Negative habits which can drain your energy.

 Hello! I’m ADITYA NAIK, Today I’m going to tell you- 5 negative habits which can drain your energy. 5 Negative habits which can drain your energy

• You are the product of your daily habits which can be good or bad. If you start observing what’s good and bad for you, you can choose whether or not you want to improve yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle and make others positive too through your behavior.

Let’s look at some of the possible causes of low energy level :

• Losing your energy are the symptoms of bad habits and negative lifestyle factors that you can control. So if you come across these situations you should switch some of your unhealthy habits to healthier ones and increase the amount of energy you have daily.

Feeling tired ?” Here you can fight through 5 Negative habits which can drain your energy.   

If you keep reading the last 3 mantra’s  can change your life.!!!

1) Overthinking

5 Negative habits which can drain your energy.

• Overthinking things is usually not useful for you and would create needless stress in your lifestyle. Overthinking doesn’t create a better outcome,it just drains your energy, while you’re having a tough decision, which isn’t good for you. Once you make decisions and you get confident about that thing, just stand by it.

While it’s human nature to think things through when making a decision or executing a situation,it becomes overthinking when you can’t get get it out of your mind. To stop overthinking, distract yourself into happiness or change your view of life.

2) Junk food consumption.

5 Negative habits which can drain your energy.

• It’s very obvious for your energy levels to rise and fall slightly during the day. A variety of factors may affect your natural ebb and flow. Generally, having a meal or snack helps you to fill up your stomach, which can make you feel more energetic.

However, some foods may actually drain your energy. So start avoiding those foods and start eating healthy foods. To gain more energy and to avoid junk food,

-Drink lots of water.

– Eat more protein.

– Plan your meals. 

– Eat proper meals. 

– Get enough sleep.

3) Negative people

5 Negative habits which can drain your energy.

• It’s been said that one bad mango can spoil the whole bunch and often, that applies to the human environment. It’s usually easy to identify the negative people who can demotivate you.

Their bad attitudes,Negative thinking and fatalistic outlooks can affect your lifestyle and spread like an epidemic. I have my own story where I was spoiled from some negative ones,it matters how you choose your group of friends.

“Dont let Negative thoughts Cloud your Mind”

So it’s important for you to recognize when these negative ones intrude in your life in an unwelcome manner.Negative people should get the least of our time and energy, yet we often give them the most attention.

So start keeping distance from this people and seek out positive people.

While social distancing is still going on so don’t go out to discover some new positive people.

Stay home!  Stay safe!

4) Holding onto Anger

• We use anger to protect or cover up these vulnerable feelings. Anger is an instinctual emotional response from a real or imagined threat. When life makes us angry, we regard it as a problem to be solved. Even during angry arguements with your friends, when the argument is over they would feel bad and dejected.

Even though lots of energy were pumped out during heated argument and after which both could sense drain of energy.

Scientifically, you loose energy when you get angry on someone,anger is a very powerful emotion and you actually lose a lot of energy just simply containing it, So there are 2 ways to handle anger : Your spit it out or you swallow it up.

5) Living in the past.

• Living in the past can be difficult task to overcome, particularly if there are hurts and wounds that still require healing. Living in the past makes you lose vision of the present, and prevents you from building a happy future.

You won’t do anything from looking back at the past,because what has happened cannot be changed. So don’t look back at the past, look to the present moment which you are in now. So choosing to be positive will open up to a life of happiness.

There are 3 amazing mantra’s for making your day more energetic.

  1.   10 mins meditation.   

2.   10 min workout.

  3.   10 mins of bookreading.

Hence ,If you got the right information you can fight through these ” 5 Negative habits which can drain your energy.”


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  1. Nice info on how to avoid certain things to keep your energy and time in good form and utilizing them in another important aspect of life

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