6 Career mistakes to avoid from your life | 2020 |

Hello everyone, Due to some serious conditions myself  ‘ADITYA NAIK (cloutadvisor) wasn’t able to help you and advice you these days. So today we will be looking forward towards‘ 6 Career Mistakes to avoid from your life | 2020 |’.

Due to this pandemic situation people have made 6 Career mistakes which you should avoid in your life| 2020 |.

The Coronavirus or covid-19 which was discovered in the late November 2019 has completed one year of his presence in this world and has affected a huge number of people throughout the world.

6 Career Mistakes

Nowadays people are getting out for job but they have forgotten that the dangerous virus called Corona Virus is still spreading on a very large scale.

We should avoid going outside and start working on ourselves by avoiding these 6 mistakes in our life!


1) Settling for less 

6 Career Mistakes to avoid in your life

Nowadays people forget that they have only one life to shine and achieve dreams of thier Life.

They settle down for less income and expectations which costs them alot of difficulties in thier life.

A person becomes an accomplice in his own dissatisfaction when he constantly settles for less than what he wants.

As you start to make decisions that reflect what you desire from your life and your relationships, you will start to feel better about yourself.

The better you feel, the easier it becomes for you to reject mistreatment. And when you resist the need to settle, you will be rewarded with opportunities.

So never settle down with the less because you deserve more in your life. 


2) Fear of Networking

6 Career Mistakes to avoid in your life

Do you ever feel nervous while speaking to prospects about your network marketing opportunity? Yes or No!

Do you get afraid from the minutes leading up making a phone call or starting a new conversation?

Don’t worry –

It is absolutely normal.  All of us have felt that very same anxiety at one point and is a common fear for anyone in Network Marketing.

First, get in the mindset that you are the one and only person who can offer your prospect the life and career they truly desire.

Of course you want — and probably have already— shared your network marketing opportunity with the ones you love such as your friends and family.

What is the reason behind it?

Because you want to share the greatest gift, the knowledge of and potential for success, with the people you truly care about.

So if you want to share this with the people closest to you, don’t you think other people deserve this opportunity too?

Yes of course!!

It will be difficult sometimes while talking to your prospects such as strangers or the. People you barely know!

So if you feel embarrassed just follow the below line”

To get over the intimidation of the initial contact, remind yourself that you are reaching out to these people to help them!

You are presenting a lifetime opportunity to become successful in career.


3) Over-working 

While talking about overthinking, health and fitness should be very top of your priority lists.

Overworking can be bad for your health in many different ways’

With so many neglected aspects of your life competing for the little time and vigour you have left after work, the prospect of regular exercise

– the cumbersome business of getting to the gym, for example, or going out for a run on a dark, rainy night

– can quickly lose its appeal and its place in your schedule.

I’m not advising you to stop over working, but atleast look towards your health and fitness so that it’s side effects won’t effect your body.

People work at night for promotions and extra credits, but at the same time they start to neglect towards their regular schedule and health.

This point plays an important role in ‘6 Career Mistakes to avoid in your life |2020|.


4) Giving up Learning 


In today’s world people have a desire to learn something new and something which can help them to grow more.

I would love to give an example of the famous scam movie 1992, which was the real story of Harshad Mehta who made his impact in the Bombay Stock Exchange and was called as the bull of Stock market.

He never settled down for less things which made him so powerful and big, but one thing which makes him greater than others was his learning attitude.

He always used to learn new things from others and used to apply it in his day to day life which made him successful.

The guru in your life or the mentor will always tell you the truth and the way towards success.

So it’s your choice to open up your ears and listen to them or just continue your boring day to day life.


5) Repeating mistakes

It is easy to get frustrated when you do the same mistake twice and thrice.

You might think that you are the only one who does this, but you’re not.

Everybody has some old habits that they might want to change.

It’s part of human psychology to move towards repeating the same behaviors.

 Changing those old behaviors can be difficult and it may take time.

However, it is possible to do with some proper planning and by staying positive towards your goal of avoiding making the same mistakes.


MISTAKES are meant for LEARNING, not for REPEATING!! 


6) Avoid bad habits

Humans are not perfect, we know what we should do in our life like exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep!

Thinking about your “bad habits” isn’t enough: you need to know exactly what behaviors you’d like to change.

“You need to observe the habit-breaking process by thinking in terms of specific bad behaviors — like not dumping your shoes in the living room but putting them in your closet;

not eating in front of the TV but at the dining room table;

going for a half-hour run five days a week;

sending your boyfriend a complimentary text once a day, rather than sending him nothing or negative ones. Drill down on the concrete.”

This will surely help you to avoid bad habits from your life !!

So these were the ‘ 6 Career Mistakes to avoid in your life |2020|’.


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