8 Smart ways to help you increase your savings | 2020 |

Money isn't everything But everything needs money | 2020 |

Hello visitors, Today we are going to show how   Money isn’t everything But everything needs money |2020|” which will help you to increase your savings.

Every moment of your life, you start feeling frustrated that you could have saved more money. If you’re struggling to save money you won’t be alone. Have you noticed ‘ Money isn’t everything But everything needs money |2020|.

“According to me more than half of the  Indians aren’t able to manage their savings at the starting of the month.”

The solution isn’t saving your expenses or to be average and stop living your life without happiness.

That’s is why, we say ‘ Money isn’t everything But everything needs money |2020|.

You have so many of responsibilities at the starting of the month but somehow you spend most of your money at the beginning. You might wonder how others save more money because they’re naturally gifted?

Of course not.

You’re an action taker- someone who won’t settle down on small things or far mediocrity. That’s the reason why you’re reading this article now.

” Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

The truth is saving money won’t be easy so you have to break bad habits and learn new techniques. If you’re done spending your money aimlessly, you’ve come to the right place.

The next time when you’re tempted to spend money remember you have decided to save money for achieving your dreams.

If you wanna save money , Start adopting these money saving habits and go through the list and observe which habits are weak and strong in your life.

Money isn't everything But everything needs money | 2020 |

1) Recognize your Money Mentality.

At some stage of your life you may have experienced an incident which now dictates your mindset concerning your finances.

You find yourself afraid to spend money or spending most of your money the minute it comes to your savings account.

While there are some important components regarding this problem i.e you should choose the mentality or mindset to spend money according to your benefits.

If you have a new startup businessstartup business, then you start working consistently and have certainity that you will have enough customers to support your financial goals.

“Money doesn’t change people, It unmasks them.”

2) Seek out your needs and wants.  

These days a cell phone is necessary for all of us, so you start thinking about the latest generation smart cell phones.

But is it necessary for you to buy the latest one ?

Some people don’t earn money, still they want the latest smart phone in their hand !!

Is it for showing purpose or you have some professional works to do with it?

Most of them just buy these costly smart phones just to attract others but it’s doesn’t happen!

Before you buy something ask yourself ‘Is this something I really want to have or just something I want to have? Be honest to yourself ‘ Can I live without this item?’

That doesn’t mean that you live your life in an average way, if you have the capacity to earn and buy these stuffs then tell me who is going to stop you???

” Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

3) Use tools to track your money. 

Finding the right tool will make your work easy.

The right budgeting tool can help you to manage money more effectively and efficiently and will also make you to enjoy this work.

With that in mind, here are some tools which can help you to track your money.

The first two tools are my favorite ones to work on.

a)  Personal capital

b)  Quicken

c)  YNAB ( you need a budget) 

d) Spreadsheet 

e) Banks. 

f)  A Credit or Prepaid card. 

That is why it is said that ‘ Money isn’t everything But everything needs money |2020|.

4) Save cash windfalls. 

Nowadays you don’t expect gifts or bonuses in any format of your life due to this pandemic.

A regular windfall is another source of opportunity to save.

Usually this comes in our life in the form of a improvment in work, It can help you for paying your little bill payment or the last amount of your car payment.

That is why “Money isn’t everything But everything needs money |2020|”

This little amount in your life can make a huge difference, so don’t waste it by spending them the next moment you have them, start saving those amounts.

The bigger the amount of the windfall, the more you should think about putting it into long-term savings.

5) Find ways you can cut your spending. 

You often talk about spending less money every month but everytime at the start of the month you spend them.

Everyone’s life is different, it’s hard to take out a list of things that’s guaranteed not be boring for everyone.

Ever gone to a store to buy some few items but end up buying a whole cartload?? This happens to everyone.

Don’t be afraid because when you start earning, expenditure comes following you back.

Cutting your spending doesn’t mean to sacrifice a lot of things. Just start observing where you are spending the money which is not necessary for you and cut that expenditure flow.

6) Use ‘set it and forget it’ transfers. 

The above heading tells us about setting your financial goals by making your savings more and more.

Once you transfer the money in your account just make sure it doesn’t get spend on some items which is not necessary in your life. Try to save it.

So once you set the amount in your savings account just forget it, keep it in your savings for futhur use.

7) Increase your monthly income. 

“A Ruppee never falls as much as a Man falls for a ruppee. “

As the above statement will clarify you that everyone in this world needs money to fulfill their dreams and desires.

If you start working hard on your dreams and goals no one is going to stop you from achieving them.

According to me people working 9-5 daily jobs have made a routine in their life which they think it is the best. Do you think about this?

What if you start your own business and be a boss in this real world of struggle.

No 9-5 jobs, no boss pressures, no sacrifices, no daily same routines. 

So start thinking big, give yourself some time, get some skills which makes you better and the most important thing :

Never lose hope!!!

8) Revisit your Budget Frequently. 

"Money isn't everything But everything needs money" | 2020 |

Sometimes, you have to adjust your earnings to cover increased or unexpected expenses.

Other times, you don’t need to take home as much income because you’ve paid off some of your monthly expenditures.

When I talk about reevaluating your own budget, I’m not talking about stalking it like software and apps do.

Yes there are many apps to track your money, but you need to know where your money’s going and if you need to bring home more or less money in a month or two, you need to do more than tracking your budget.

The need of tracking of budget is to come across how your savings is helping you and also when you are having a financial situation.

In this way, we came across ‘ 8 smart ways to help you increase your savings | 2020 |

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