C programming language is getting hot again as devices get connect to net! 21.January 2021

With India Building it’s Electronics and Semicon Industry, the programming language C’s Value will Rise!! 

The programming language C is probably the most used and connected to modern man life.

Your washing machine, TV, microwave oven, smart bulbs, the automatic transmission and dashboard on your car, also operation systems for the Android/ iOs devices,PC’s, servers, several building blocks and supercomputers of internet itself are still running and working with the help of the programming language C.

C programming in India

Despite its getting popular and growing usage, there are not enough C programmers in India.

Siva Prasad Nanduri, business head at staffing solutions firm TeamLease Digital, estimates there are some 30,000 C programmers in the country, with the count of 6k new openings emerging for them last year.

Most Indian Universities are focusing on the latest technology trends which is adversely affecting the talent of programming language C.

With the company now focusing on developing an electronics and semiconductor base, in order to reduce the dependency on China for these products,the demand for C could get in a rush.

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If you want to learn a language ,you learn the alphabet. If you want to understand computers, you need to learn C. But C requires you to be disciplined programmer.

                        ~Vaneeswaran N


Sanju Ballurkar, president at Experts IT, a workface solutions unit of Manpower Group India, agreed.

He says engineering programs in computer science all have C and related concepts, but students quickly move on to learn languages like Java and C++.

Among the developers, he says, the tendency is to graduate towards languages like Python and Java that are used to develop web and mobile applications.

Next year C will turn 50. Amazingly ,despite its age, C was a clear No. 1 in the reputed TIOBE index of programming language popularity this month.

Unlike other programming languages, C consumes fewer libraries (collection of pre-written code designed for specific tasks).

” C developers also have better control over the code.

For example, in C, unused code has to be cleaned up manually. There’s no garbage collector to clear that.

This feature makes the code smaller in size, yet more efficient in exploiting the particular devices resources.

In India, even as CS graduates, we never really learned C. We never really learned to use it correctly instead we learn it from terrible books.

                       ~ Siddesh Poyekar


C is what called a low-level programming language, one that is used to program the machine, in contrast to high level languages like python and Java that are used in web and mobile applications that deal directly with the real running world.

Denis Ritchie at Bell Labs developed C as a small utility program for the Unix operating system in 1972.

The language was so ‌powerful and efficient that it ended up rewriting the whole of Unix itself.

Over the years , many programs got rewritten in C. By the 1980’s , C became the de factostandard for high performance software.

The beauty of C is that, even after almost 50 years, it is still getting evolved.” The notion that C is stagnating and everyone is just maintaining it, that’s not true, ”

Hence, as Bsc student I would insist you to have a look towards the programming language C.

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