Top 7 Indian Cricketers who came from a very poor background |2020|

­Hello everyone,Today we are going to discuss about some true stories of the famous cricketers who came from a very poor background and have made thier career successful |2020|.

Nowadays everyone young child dreams about becoming a professional cricketer, but never knows what sacrifices and efforts are needed to reach at that level.

Many of the students think that they don’t get the opportunity to show their talent,

but they forget that hard work is the only key towards thier dreams.

Cricket has a become a professional platform where everyone somewhere has the desire to once become a cricketer.

World Cup, IPL, World T20 are the famous and well known cricketing action power packs where people get excitement at the beginning itself.

Today we are going to discuss some if the true stories of famous cricketers who came from a poor background and made thier place in the above cricketing actions.

1) Mahindra Singh Dhoni ( MSD) – The legend (Captain – CSK)

true stories famous cricketers

As you all know about the famous legend and the proffesional Indian cricket ‘ Dhoni ‘

who came from a middle class family where is father always used to tell him to do jobs instead of playing cricket.

We often think that why Dhoni came into light while his family never supported him for his dreams.

The man with his dreams was once a ticket collector at A Railway Station,

where he started his career by just playing some local cricket tournaments and playing tennis cricket as well.

Mahindra Singh Dhoni is a true inspiration for younger generations and will get a good lesson how to work hard in life.

Late Sushant Singh Rajput was in the lead role for Dhoni’s Biopic named as M.S.Dhoni – The true story…

Dhoni never lost hope and kept trying which made him a true legend of our generation.

Famous achievements :

( T20 World Cup 2007, Champions trophy, World Cup 2011, IPl – 3 times champions )

2) Hardik Pandya – Mumbai Indians

true stories famous cricketers

During an interview, Hardik pandya said about his life before entering into Ipl

“ Five rupees ke maggi aati thi, malli ko request karke garam pani leta tha aur mein aur mere bhai ground pe bana ke khata the. Breakfast bhi wohi aur lunch bhi wohi. ”

Hardik Pandya started his career with Kiran more’s cricket academy and was then selected for the higher level.

Things changed when the Mumbai Indians bought him for 10 Lakhs INR in the IPL 2015 auction.

The sum of money became much bigger. Their condition changed and family became stable.

His hard work had finally paid off. People started seeing the potential in him to represent India at the international stage as an all-rounder.

Now he is a proud father and a good husband as well. His hard work and perseverance helped him to reach to an extreme level.

Famous achievement :

( 4 times IPL winner) – Mumbai Indians

3) Rohit Sharma – Mumbai Indian and Professional Indian cricketer.

true stories famous cricketers

The four times IPL champion Rohit Sharma is a true example of hard work and consistency.

And a true leader as well.

Rohit sharma is the opener of the Indian Cricket Team and has the record of highest individual score(264) in ODI cricket .

Rohit sharma is having a cute daughter and I think she is the good luck for him as his career and cricket life got into a next level.

He came from a poor family where he used to stay in a 1RK and now he is one of the richest cricketers of today’s generation.

Famous Achievments :

( WT20 2007, Champions Trophy, IPL – 4 times winner)

4) Virat Kohli – Captain of Indian cricket Team( RCB)

true stories famous cricketers

What to say about this man!!!

The world famous icon and a true leader has a lots of followers on instagram and in real life as well.

People are getting so inspired by his actions and his leadership skills like no one else,

this is the real example of true leadership.

Virat Kohli plays for the famous team ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE!

The captain of RBC faced a lot of downfall playing for this team but in this year 2020 he is getting alot of growth and help from his teammates as well.

The captain realized that now it’s the time to show th world how one can overcome failure and move towards success.

Virat Kohli lost his father in a disguise and was given all the responsibility of his home at a very small age.

That incident made him a huge inspiration and a true dream for each and every child of the country INDIA.

He recently led India to win against England in all three formats of the game

Kohli’s special achievements is also heard in the voice over; the fastest player to score 6000 One-Day International runs,

being named the ICC Cricketer of the Year (2011-12),

being honoured with the Arjuna award in 2013, scoring the fastest ODI century by an Indian in just 52 balls against Australia in 2013 in Jaipur

And finally being named India captain.

The next 3 stories will surely tell you about the

true stories of famous cricketers who came from a very poor background 2020.

5) Ravindra Jadeja ( CSK)  – Professional Indian cricketer

Ravindra Jadeja was born in extreme poverty . He lived with his family in one room.

He is now the number one test bowler in the world.

You won’t imagine the current Indian side in any format without Ravindra Jadeja taking the all-rounders slot.

No matter what conditions India is playing in, his presence is very importance for the Indian side and time and again,

he lived up to his reputation and enhanced it.

But life is never really so easy for Jadeja, who had to go through some adversities which we cannot even imagine.

Jadeja spent major part of this childhood in one room flat in Navagaam Ghed, Gujrat.

This flat was allotted to them as is mother Lata Jadeja was a nurse in government hospital.

Ravindra Jadeja is trolled sometimes for various stupid reasons, but not many realise how much he had to struggle to get to this level.

Jadeja is a true champion and athlete too, who set a bench mark for the youngsters to follow.

6) Umesh Yadav ( RCB)

From being born in a lower middle class Indian family and aspiring to be a constable in Police services and  becoming the Extreme fast bowler in the National Cricket team of his country.

Umesh Yadav’s journey to success  inspires every individual who think its’

hard to make big coming from an underprivileged section of a society,

the only thing you need is a bit of luck and lot of willpower.

You should come over from how a son of a coal miner turned his luck into a big fortune and made him an true inspiration.

7) Bhuvanehswar Kumar (SRH) – Indian Cricketer

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is an Indian international cricketer and right-arm medium-fast bowler who has received praise for his ability to efficiently swing the ball both ways.

In domestic cricket, he represents Uttar Pradesh and has played for Central Zone.

He began his IPL career with Royal Challengers Bangalore, as a three-season stint with now-defunct Pune Warriors India.

However, he received most success for his current IPL team, Sunrisers Hyderabad,

which won an IPL title in 2016 thanks to his tournament best 23-wicket haul.

He first came to light for bowling out legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar for a duck in first-class cricket.

He has the unique record of taking his first wickets in each format of the game by clean bowled.

While he has proved himself to be a match-winning bowler for India,

He is equally impressive with the bat and has played some useful innings.

Hence, These were the true stories of famous cricketers who came from a very poor background 2020.

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