Why vaccine is a better shot at immunity than infection!! January | 2021|

Hello guys, After a very long interval in my blogging days today I (CLOUTADVISOR) haS decided to put forward some important points regarding our pandemic situation and Why vaccine is a better shot at immunity than infection!! 2021

Why vaccine is a better shot at immunity than infection!! 2021

Days after taking the first dose in a vaccine trail, Haryana minister Anil Vim tested positive for Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Experts pointed out that even if he had received the vaccine dose, and not a placebo, he’d only taken he first of two prescribed doses and hence may not have achieved adequate antibody levels.

But people who have been infected should all the same not option out taking the final vaccine when it’s released, because though one is bound to get antibodies after recovering from Covid-19,

a vaccine brings more certain guarantee of immunity against the disease as per the experts ideology!


Why vaccine is a better shot at immunity than infection!! 2021

It is generally agreed that people who’ve experienced a mild disease do not have great concerntrations of antibodies in thier blood.

For people who were asymptomatic or one had a mild infection of Covid-19 ,antibodies may decline within months, exposing then to the risk of reinfection.

However when it’s a vaccine, everybody gets the same dose that is designed to elicit a satisfactory immune response!


While taking about covid-19, it has taken many lives and still death rate is constant!

A bout of Covid-19,experts agree, is enough to create antibodies and specific immune cells against the disease. But the scientific opinion is divided over how long such immunity lasts.

Reinfections of Covid -19 have been clocked at an interval of three months, although evidence suggests that for some Coronavirus,

of which Sars-Cov-2 is an example, immunity may last for years!

Experts cite the vaccine for pathogens like pneumococcal bacteria, which induces stronger immunity than the natural infection.

The Moderna trail volunteers who received the vaccine shot had more antibodies in thier blood than those who had contracted Covid-19.

Since vaccine are aimed at making you resilient against a disease, they are designed to work against specific targets.

The human papillomavirus(HPV) vaccine draws out a stronger immune reaction then infection thanks to higher presence of a viral coat protein that induces neutralising antibodies.

But experts also point to the case of mumps, whose vaccine gives lifelong immunity,

although some people who have received the vaccine still end up getting the disease.


Only a few very small fractions of people who get Covid are going to develop serious symptoms and need hospitalisation.

Antibody surveys across the world suggests that far away not people may have had the disease and recovered from it than is captured in official data,

giving rise to speculation about communities achieving hard immunity.

In a study of more than 3k people aged between 18 and 34 years who were hospitalised with Covid, a fifth required intensive care and 3% died, the NYT says.

So, it is not that even for the age groups that are seen as being less vulnerable to Covid, the risk of serious illness is non-existent.

Vaccines come with none of these attendant risks and are also tested for serious side effects.

Although adverse events have come to light in trails vaccines are designed not to repeat the unintended effects.


Vaccine triage lists being drawn up by countries have mostly kept those who have contracted Covid and recovered last in line for a dose.

The working assumption being that such people will have atleast some antibodies and are hence better protected than the vulnerable groups like the elderly and those with comorbidities like obesity, diabities,etc.

But experts say that when they do get a chance,

even those who have had Covid should take a vaccine because it will boost whatever immunity that already have.

As per the new guidelines, after getting  the Vaccine dose we should still wear the mask and carry on social distancing in your surroundings.

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